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Fact - Checking iOS app

Developed and deployed an iOS application to fact-check during news reading, by pushing and fetching JSON from the backend stance aggregator using Google REST APIs , deployed in AWS and present the output comprehensively.

( Swift , iOS , JSON , AWS )

This Website

Designed and Developed a personal website compatible with various devices such as mobiles, tablets and PCs and deployed it in a custom domain.

( HTML , CSS , JavaScript )


Developed an Agile Sprint tracking application using MERN stack and deployed it in GitHub Pages..

( MongoDB, Express, React.js , Node.js ) (Track !)

Noughts and Crosses

Had fun developing a web based Noughts and Crosses game with parallel score monitoring developed using React and deployed it in GitHub Pages.

( React ) (Play !)

Segmentation of Retinal blood vessels using CNN

Performed segmentation of the vascular tree from the retinal fundus images to show a clear cut picture of it, as ophthalmologists need to look at its finer endings for finding root causes of diseases like Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

( Python, Tensor Flow, Keras ) (Github)

Student services website - SayItRight

Developed a multi page responsive companion website for the application “SayItRight” , which featured individual pages for signup, login, purchasing merchandise and deployed it in UTA Cloud Platform.

( HTML, CSS and JavaScript, CodeIgniter ) (Github)

Perceptron Model and Non-Keras Multilayer Neural Networks

Experimented a Non-Keras implementation of multi-layer neural networks using TensorFlow and Implemented the Perceptron model, similar to python machine learning libraries such as Scikit - Learn.

( Python ) (Github)

Max4Connect Game

Enjoyed developing a small interactive game of Max4Connect in order to apply the concepts of MinMax algorithm and evaluation function.

( Python ) (Github)